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Enjoy seeing why fluorite is called "The world's most colorful mineral!"

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A big, bright fluorite from Naica. Collected recently (2004), this is a very unusual size and color for any fluorite, particularly from Naica!  A huge 22 X 18 X 10 cm. specimen, a jumble of very "3-D" stepped cubes, with edges as much as 8 cm.

An exquisite group of gem-clear smoky quartz, sprinkled with bright, gem orange spessartine garnets. In the middle sits a perfect, undamaged octahedral fluorite. This rare association is from Fujian Province, Yunling, near Zhangzhou. The specimen is 11 X 6 X 5.5 cm. and completely perfect. The specimen was owned by the  Great Wall Mineral Museum in Changsha, Hunan Province of China. It was purchased in 2003 by Jan W. Buma of theNetherlands at the Ste. Marie-aux-Mines show. Kevin Ward bought the specimen at Tucson 2005,  probably from Jordi Fabre after  Jan sold much of his collection to Jordi Fabre in 2004.

This is a very rare, museum sized blue fluorite, with incredible stepped, hoppered growth patterns. Intact specimens of this size and color were seldom collected when the mines were operating, because the miners broke these apart into cleavage octahedrons. Blue was the best seller to the tourists. Aaarrrrgggghhhhhh!  

This one was saved; there are very few others so large. It is from the The sub-Rosiclaire level refers to the level of the mine just below a layer of sandstone called "Rosiclaire sandstone." There is a smooth, curved contact (or a strange corner termination?) at the front corner of the crystal.  The crystal is very unusually transparent, particularly for one so large and has an eerie, intense shade of blue, unlike anything I've seen.

Adding interest, the purple phantom near the center appears to be oriented 45 degrees off axis relative to the present external surfaces. The crystal apparently began growing in that orientation, then the new, blue growth jumped to a different axis. There is a narrow band of zoning about an inch below the surface, following the cubic growth.  There is a sprinkling of golden chalcopyrites at and just below the final surface. This massive crystal is 15 X 11 X 14.5 cm., a true Ilinois rarity!


A beautiful group of emerald to aqua green cubes of fluorite that my son Greg and I found in the tailings of the Shuniah mine in Thunder Bay, Canada

Small chalcopyrites decorate it. The cubes of fluorite are about 5mm

Bingham, New Mexico
18 X 11 cm

A big, dark blue Bingham fluorite, yes it is really that color. Unfaded, no exposure to sunlight, this is how they look!

Fluorite, Rare Raspberry from Elmwood. Slight outer zoning. Contrast with dark Elmwood purple, Elmwood white, below. 

Cube is 2.8 cm

Blue Fluorite from Elmwood. I never knew Elmwood produced this vivid blue color until I acquired this from Mary West. The gemmy calcite in the middle of the specimen really lights it up, too!

Crystals are 1.8 cm across.

Very fine raspberry fluorite octahedrons, sitting on a bed of clearish cubes. Great piece from the Cookes' Peak Mine, Luna County, New Mexico.

Octahedrons are 2 cm on an edge.

These photos show the incredible aqua gemminess of this cubic-stepped octohedral fluorite on quartz from the Quinlong mine, Guizhou Province, China. The dark centers of the crystal masses are purple cores that most of the crystals exhibit.

Crystals are about 2.5 cm across.

The Pyramids of Fluor

Many have a strrrretcchhh cubic form!

Live, sparkly ice!

Some have inclusions of what appears to be anhydrite


Specimens are 2.5 - 3 cm across (whole specimen)

Dolomite Products Quarry
Walworth, New York

ex- Paul Dudley Collection

Paul collected these himself over the last couple years. He notes that the Walworth Quarry is largely closed to collecting now. The owners were nice enough to allow the local mineral club in for one day last year. Along with the water clear cubic Dal'negorsk fluorite, Walworth material is the clearest, purest fluorite I've seen. The fluorite occurs on a very sparkly drusy dolomitic matrix, along with white dolomite rhombohedrons. Beautiful calcite and sphalerites have also been found there.


28 X 19 cm

XiangHuaLing mine,
Hunan, China

The matrix can be seen through the sides of the cubes, while the left sides are zoned opaque white. This is extremely rare material in a plate this size.

From Allen and Barbara Lundgren
          Alabar Minerals,
          New Brighton, MN




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