Calcite on Calcite on Matrix. The Ezhou Prefecture, Daye, Hubei, China has produced small finds of extremely fine calcite specimens, including many twins. This is a very fine example from a find in 2005. Much of this material was unfortunately scraped or dinged by the time it reached shows and retail mineral shops. I selected this and a few other specimens for their perfection. This is a splendid group of twinned crystals up to 3.5 cm on a bed of smaller calcites on an interesting matrix of dolomitic limestone, hematite and sulphides. The specimen is 8.5 X 6 X 4 cm. The crystals are absolutely perfect on all sides. The crystals glow with light and are highly translucent, tinged with internal veils of included hematite. This is a pink/orange/red hematite, not the dingy brown that is common. Also, there is good translucency to the crystals, as I tried to show in the backlit photos.





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