Fine Michigan copper specimens
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Elmwood Calcite
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Mixed Beautiful Minerals
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Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you don't like the specimen, return it in same condition as you got it and I'll return your payment.
Shipping is by USPS unless you request otherwise. When you request a mineral I will let you know the shipping cost.
Packaging: All specimens will be shipped with extreme care. Specimens will arrive intact!
Payment can be personal check, money order, cashier's check, VISA/MC or PayPal.
The Geologic Time Scale: how much time there has been so far. Spend time looking at these charts. They show "deep time". Another way to think about it is that all the events in recorded history occurred in the since 11:59:59.02 (6000 years ago) on a 24 hour clock that started when the Earth first solidified. Homo sapiens appeared about 100,000 - or 11:59:58.02 pm on the clock.